Our company, The Surplus Agents for Americans, offers assistance to homeowners who are facing foreclosure. We guide them through the foreclosure process and ensure they receive the surplus funds they are owed from the sale. Our team works on a contingency-only basis and always represents the best interest of our clients. In addition, we offer various services, such as cash advances, negotiating on behalf of homeowners to help them stay in their homes longer, and assisting them in finding replacement housing accommodations. 

We assign our clients a local realtor who negotiates a lease for them. We understand that having an eviction on your record can limit your housing opportunities, but we are here to mitigate that factor. At no extra cost, we can also help you get your eviction record off the internet if you use our services. Our company has a team of qualified personnel located in Broward County, Florida, who are experts in the foreclosure and surplus recovery process. 

Our process involves identifying the surplus funds held in the county court registry, determining the rightful claimant for the funds, and filing all the appropriate notices and motions. We sometimes hire local legal counsel, as dealing with lawyers is not something most people trust or want to do. We take over in that aspect to make sure the lawyers are playing by the rules and not abusing their power or taking advantage of your situation. We ensure the case is handled carefully and yields the best possible outcome while keeping the lawyers at bay.

The Surplus Agents for Americans has helped numerous homeowners recover their surplus funds, as evidenced by real checks from the Clerks of Court displayed on our website. We also provide free consultations to investigate whether homeowners are entitled to surplus funds. Choose our company to help you through the foreclosure process and recover the funds you’re owed.